Ecopan radiant panels

The most efficient and effective radiant system, for a total comfort with low energy impact.

Energy saving

No heat waste.
The system is practically free from thermal gradient.Read More »

Low management cost

Immediate comfort.
The system reaches fastly full operation, as it is activated.Read More »

Suitable for all structures

Flexibility of use.
A radiant system is the best heating solution  for industrial, commercial and various buildings.Read More »

No space needed on the floor

Free movement.
The system does not require any space on the ground, therefore the use of the floor surface is not limited.Read More »

Homogeneous temperature

No air movement.
The system creates no air movement, therefore it can be used also in dusty environments.Read More »

No maintanance needed

No maintenance.
The system requires no maintenance. It remains unchanged during time.Read More »

Solutions for your buildings

Comfort and well-being with low energy impact.

Industrial buildings

Solutions for industry.

Sistema radiante modulare

Commercial buildings

Solutions for markets and shopping areas.
Pannelli radianti ad acqua

Public buildings

Solutions for buildings with public access.

Transport buildings

Transports and logistics.

Riscaldamento grandi volumi

Wood industry

Ideal for furniture and wood transformation industry.
Pannelli radianti a soffitto

Renovation of obsolete systems

Suitable for the renovation of old and obsolete systems.

The heart of Ecopan is technology

Seriousness, professional skill and experience are the elements that Ecopan combines with high technical competence and advanced technology to create radiant heating and air conditioning systems.

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