Acoustic version of Ecopan radiant panels

ECOPAN radiant panels can also be realized in a sound absorbing version, suitable for the installation in offices or in public or industrial buildings, where the heating device needs to go together with the need of reducing noise. To obtain this effect, Ecopan radiant panels can be produced with perforated metal sheets and a specifically realized sound-absorbing non woven fiber mat is added to the standard thermal insulation

The sound asbsorption index αw has been determined according to UNI EN ISO 11654.

Pannello versione acustica Ecopan

Perforated panel
Radiant panel realized with perforated metal sheet.

Isolamento per fonoassorbenza Ecopan

Sound-absorbing insulation
A non woven fiber mat is added to the usual thermal insulation, to obtain sound absorption.

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