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ECOPAN has researched the best production solutions to make operations at construction site easier, optimizing times and consequently reducing costs. Side edges shaped in the plate itself, easy to place insulation, head welding of perfectly lined pipes and easy positioning of joint covers make the reduction of installation time possible. With the same dimensional features (diameter, quantity and spacing of pipes, panel width) ECOPAN panels have a higher thermal output than other products in the market. This allows using a smaller quantity to cover the same required output, with consequent saving on material and installation.

The wide range of models and accessories available allow ECOPAN to satisfy any planning, functional and aesthetic requirement.ECOPAN radiant panels are realized with a cold-formed pressed and profiled steel plate, where housings are realized, to contain, wrapping them for the 2/3 of their surface, steel pipes having diameter 1/2” or 3/4“, electro-welded or without welding.

Riscaldamento radiante Ecopan

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Ecopan modular radiant panels.

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