Wide range of models with ½” and ¾” pipes

In order to satisfy any need, the range of ECOPAN products is quite wide and includes models with different distances between pipes (111 mm and 150 mm) and pipes with different diameters (½ and ¾). Pipes themselves can be electro-welded or without welding, according to the temperature and pressure of the heating fluid. Each panel is connected to the hot water supply network by means of headers. Panels can be produced with headers having connections on opposite sides, where water inlet is on one side and outlet on the other one, or with headers having connections on the same side, where water inlet and outlet is on the same side.

Normally water supply pipelines are installed at the ceiling level and this process requires the use of scaffoldings or aerial lift platforms. Panels with connections on the same side have paired supply and return pipelines. This allows using the same brackets and scaffoldings for both pipelines, with the consequent reduction of installation costs. Buildings that need to be heated have various sizes and thermal features, therefore it is necessary to consider and evaluate all factors, in order to install a good heating system.

The wide range of ECOPAN panels with different pipe diameter and distance offers many possible choices. According to the plate temperature, it is possible to choose panels with pipe spacing of 111 mm or 150 mm, according to the water flow, panels with ½” or ¾” pipes and, to obtain an homogeneous heat distribution inside the room, models wide from 300 up to 1200 mm.

Pannelli radianti modulari Ecopan

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