Advantages of a sustainable technology

Here are the reasons why a ceiling radiant system is the most valid and advantageous heating system for big volumes, from the point of view of efficiency, effectiveness and economical convenience, in comparison to any other system (thermal ventilation, unit heaters, floor panels, hot air generators, gas panels, etc.)

Inerzia termica limitata

Reduced thermal inertia

The thermal inertia of the system, differently from a floor radiant system, is extremely limited. This allows to obtain rapidly the required temperature, without long pre-heating times and consequent energy saving

Termostrisce radianti Ecopan

Intermittent operation

It is not necessary to leave the system working during night, weekends or periods when the building is not use, as it happens instead with floor radiant systems.

Immediate comfort

The system can carry out its function very quickly, thanks to the fact that body dispersions are eliminated, allowing people to reach a satisfying comfort even if the air temperature is relatively low.

Directional system

The system operates directionally, granting comfort in the heated zones, where people are, with a minimal interference on neighbouring zones.

Same comfort with lower air temperature

The required thermal output for ventilation is lower than with an air system, in consideration of the lower temperature of the air in the room at the same comfort conditions.

Ecopan pannelli radianti

Low thermal gradient

Thermal gradient, whose effect on required thermal load is relevant in particularly high buildings, is practically absent from the system. The majority of dispersions in large rooms are at the roof level, where a higher temperature, even of a few degrees, may cause a relevant increase of dispersed heat.  Reducing the heat losses from the roof means saving energy and therefore money.

Pannelli radianti Ecopan

Free movement

The system does not require any space on the floor and does not obstacle any movement.

The system does not require any space on the floor and does not obstacle any movement. Intermittent operation.

Pannelli radianti Ecopan

Free space on the floor

The system does not limit the use of the floor surface (holes, basements for machines, movement of production lines, etc. ).

Pannelli radianti Ecopan

No air movement

The system does not cause any air movement, like it happens instead with hot air systems and therefore it can be used also in dusty environments. The absence of air movements avoids any inconvenience to people in the room.

No noise

The system is completely free from annoying noises that sometimes lead to switch the system off.

Easy installation

The constructive features of ECOPAN radiant panels make installation easy and quick. With proper lifting systems (platforms, etc.) the installation is particularly cheap and safe.

Pannelli radianti Ecopan

No maintenance required

The system does not require any special maintenance, having no moving mechanical parts, and remains unchanged in time.

Pannelli radianti Ecopan

No fire risk

There is no risk of fire, there are no flammable parts and, except the thermal central unit, no fuel is used that could limit the use due to safety reasons.

Pannelli radianti Ecopan

Flexibility of use

Thanks to their technical and aesthetical features, ceiling radiant panels are the ideal solution for the heating of large industrial, commercial and sport buildings.

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Advantages of heating and cooling systems with Ecopan radiant panels

Ecopan ceiling radiant panels can be used for heating and sometimes also for cooling systems of industrial and public buildings, sport halls, shopping malls and commercial buildings. The system brings energy efficiency and advantages in terms of comfort and energy, as well as fuel, saving.


Why choosing Ecopan radiant panels


Why choosing Ecopan radiant system.

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