Cooling system with radiant panels

Ecopan radiant system allows to use the same operation principle not only for heating but also for the cooling function. Heat exchange can be realized also with cool water, provided that the temperature of water itself is maintained at least 1°C above the air dew point, in order to avoid the presence of condense water, that may drop and possibly damage the panel.

The installation of a suitable dehumidifying system must also be considered.

The cooling output is measured according to the provisions of part 4 of the norm  EN 14037, entered into validity in 2016. The result that can be obtained is not a real cooling but it is in any case a refreshing effect that increases the comfort for people inside a building with heavier or lighter summer heat loads. The system can be used with double function, both in winter and summer. It is always necessary to consider that the highest efficiency is granted in heating operation.

The advantages that a radiant system offers in heating operation are for sure valid also in cooling operation. This means that a comfort condition can be obtained without air movement, without any space needed on the floor or on the walls and in particular without noise. The heating output is definitely much higher that the cooling one, due to the fact that it is not possible to use water at a too low temperature. Nevertheless the cooling effect can be experienced and it is useful to consider the possible double operation of a single system installed.

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Advantages of heating and cooling systems with Ecopan radiant panels

Ecopan ceiling radiant panels can be used for heating and sometimes also for cooling systems of industrial and public buildings, sport halls, shopping malls and commercial buildings. The system brings energy efficiency and advantages in terms of comfort and energy, as well as fuel, saving.


Why choosing Ecopan radiant panels


Why choosing Ecopan radiant system.

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