Heating system with radiant panels

The main radiant heating systems currently available in the market are gas-fired panels, floor panels and steel or aluminium ceiling panels. In order to save money and energy in the system management it is necessary to keep the required temperature in rooms only during periods when it is necessary. Heat dispersions of premises, in fact, are a function of room temperature: the higher it is and is maintained for a long time, the higher are the management costs. Gas radiant panels can be used for rooms that need to be heated for a few hours a day and a few days a week, where a very quick start is needed. They can fulfil this requirement even if this means a very high consumption, bad distribution of heat, very high thermal gradients and discontinuous radiation.  Floor panels normally use warm water between 20 and 40°C and are composed of pipes (plastic, copper or steel) inside the floor. The big mass that must be heated before transmitting the heat to the environment is the reason why thermal inertia is very high. Floor heating systems need some days to reach full operation. For this reason they can be suitable for homes or hospitals, which require heating 24 hours a day, but are definitely not convenient for industrial buildings, where optimized operation times, with consequent cost reduction, rational distribution of heated zones and easy management of spaces on the floor are absolute needs.

Steel or aluminium radiant panels, to be installed on the ceiling, can use hot water, overheated water, steam or diathermic oil as a heating fluid, with a temperature range between 50 and 180°C. Thermal inertia is very low and ceiling radiant panels are particularly suitable to heat industrial halls, offices, gymnasiums, shops, supermarkets and all those applications where heating is needed only for 8 or 9 hours a day for 5 or 6 days a week. This heating system reduces management costs because it allows the total or partial interruption of operation, a minimum pre-heating time according to the external temperature, a low thermal gradient and a continuous and homogeneous radiation on all heated surfaces. Its features make it right for any climate conditions, in particular for tempered ones, thanks to the extreme flexibility.

No heating system currently available can grant the same comfort with so low management costs like a good radiant system with ceiling panels. If it is properly designed and installed, the investment is one of the smallest in the market.  When considering that no maintenance is required and that the system remains unaltered during time, it is easy to understand that this is the cheapest solution to heat big volumes.

ECOPAN can provide a long technical experience, which is constantly updated, by comparing and analysing the results, in order to make product and project optimal to get the best comfort conditions with the lowest costs. Ceiling is commonly used as a radiant surface. There is no busy space on the floor, people can move without any obstacle, the use of floor and walls is not limited and all surfaces exposed to radiance take advantage of its beneficent effect. In addition to ceiling modular radiant panels we have experienced the installation of different kinds of radiant ceilings, realized with various technologies, using these features of the system to get excellent results.

We put our know-how and our experience at the service of our customers, not only to offer them a quality product, but also to provide assistance and consulting in the designing phase. A good system is the result of a particularly careful designing.

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Advantages of heating and cooling systems with Ecopan radiant panels

Ecopan ceiling radiant panels can be used for heating and sometimes also for cooling systems of industrial and public buildings, sport halls, shopping malls and commercial buildings. The system brings energy efficiency and advantages in terms of comfort and energy, as well as fuel, saving.


Why choosing Ecopan radiant panels


Why choosing Ecopan radiant system.

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