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Ceiling radiant heating system is particulary indicated for the replacement of old and badly operating heating systems, obsolete and with limited efficiency. Where is the past hot air generators or unit heaters have been used, with reduced efficiency and high energy consumtion, now it is necessary to use more effective systems, requiring less maintenance and granting better comfort conditions.

Radiant heating, differently from air systems, allows to heat areas with relevant heights without heating the whole air volume and with a very low air stratification. There are therefore no high air temperatures in contact with the roof, that is the largest surface, and consequently the most heat dissipating one, in a big volume building. Heat is not wasted to heat parts of the building that are not used and the result is a considerable saving of fuel, together with a remarkable increase of comfort in the heated areas.

A ceiling radiant panels system requires the realization of a heating central unit. It is possible to obtain a small compartment inside the room or, as an alternative, installing boilers for external use or prefabricated units, to be positioned close to the building. These solutions do not produce any encumbrance and, being outside the building, no fire risk. The installation of panels inside the rooms to be heated is carried out by means of lifting platforms. Hanging systems available in the market allow to suspend panels to any kind of roofing or ceiling.

Ecopan experience has been consolidated through hundreds of installations in buildings having different sizes and features, often with the presence of machinery or other obstacles to make operations difficult. On this base, Ecopan is in condition to face with professional skill any kind of application.

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