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ECOPAN is a registeed trademark of IVZ Group and since 1983 is among the main international players in the field of radiant heating and cooling. The headquarters in Belluno, just under the majestic Dolomites and close to the heart of the industrial Veneto, hold all the production, development and designing processes, connected to the radiant systems that Ecopan offers to the wide range of customers, who have always rewarded ECOPAN with their preference. Advanced technology and qualified assistance create a winning combination, allowing Ecopan to list many important references in Italy and in Europe.

The main mission is that of providing the customer with a reliable and efficient product, together with a highly qualified technical and commercial assistance, capable to advise and support the realization even of the most complicated projects. With this feeling, and paying particular attention to energy efficiency and optimizing costs and fuel consumption, ECOPAN designs, manufactures and sells high quality radiant panels and systems, suitable for industrial buildings (production halls, warehouses, factories with special production requirements), sport buildings (gymnasiums, indoor tournament halls, sport halls) and public buildings (shopping malls, car dealers, concert halls, offices, hospitals), offering to partners the proper assistance and education.

Pannelli radianti Ecopan
Pannelli radianti modulari Ecopan

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